Industry and Research Reports

May-02, 2016

Silicon Valley Bank Report 2016

State of the Wine Industry 2016 

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Jun-10, 2016

Fear of the Wine List (FoWL™) Research White Paper

VinCompass Corp. announced the release of a research study that indicated that 92% of consumers experience anxiety when pairing wine in a restaurant. This phenomenon, Fear Of the Wine List (FoWL™), is pervasive across all age and financial demographics. Consumers are faced with millions of wine choices in tens of thousands of restaurants with limited time to choose, resulting in a billion dollar a month opportunity for a company that can solve this anxiety. Read More

Jun-10, 2016

Blue Sky Registration

VinCompass Corp Completes Blue Sky Registration .  This Supplemental News Report is published as required, is part of the annual MERGENT INDUSTRIAL, OTC AND OTCUNLISTED Manuals and will be included in the bound January 2016 Monthly News Reports and is published on the  Read More

Jan-23, 2017

State of the Wine Industry 2017 SVB

In this 16th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, he finds strong market conditions overall and identifies major trends that may signal adjustments in consumption patterns and segment prices.

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