Fear of the Wine List (FoWL™) Research White Paper

VinCompass Corp. announced the release of a research study that indicated that 92% of consumers experience anxiety when pairing wine in a restaurant. This phenomenon, Fear Of the Wine List (FoWL™), is pervasive across all age and financial demographics. Consumers are faced with millions of wine choices in tens of thousands of restaurants with limited time to choose, resulting in a billion dollar a month opportunity for a company that can solve this anxiety.

VinCompass is the first comprehensive wine app available on the market to address this phenomenon. “There is only one real pain point in the consumer experience, and it is often when a consumer is in a white table cloth restaurant and staring at wines they don’t understand. The only app, though through an invite-only, closed network, trying to fix that goal is VinCompass,” said Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer of VinTank, now a W2O Group company.

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